Short description

Winamp, oh Winamp. Whenever I mention Winamp, people are surprised, "Oh, Winamp still exists?". Winamp is one of the most interesting music players out there, its sole focus was to make the experience of listening to music enjoyable, and it did that very well. Winamp introduced the idea of live music visualizations to the masses, as well as themes, plugins and a whole host of other interesting features.

Contrary to what most people think, Winamp is still an actively-maintained project, and it is still an actively used Music player. In 2013, it was purchased by radionomy, and on the front-page of Winamp, they're actively hinting towards a big update.

Setting up SMG with Winamp

SMG supports Winamp out-of-the-box, simply start Winamp, play some music, and select Winamp in SMG's music player dropdown and you're ready to go!

What can I do if SMG is not picking up what's playing on Winamp?

At the moment, there are no known major issues with Winamp. If something seems wrong, always try: (1) updating Winamp, (2) updating SMG, (3) deleting the SMG/config folder.

If after trying the basic troubleshooting steps SMG is still not picking up songs from Winamp, contact support or message us on our Twitter.