VLC media player

Short description

VLC media player is a popular and well-established ubiquitous media player program available on all major platforms. VLC is well known for being able to play nearly any type of video or audio file thrown at it.

While VLC is not typically used as a music player, it is possible to set it up as one, by importing local audio files into VLC's library.

Setting up SMG with VLC Media player

SMG supports VLC out-of-the-box, and doesn't require any additional configuration.

There is one gotcha though, SMG does not support the VLC application that can be found in the Windows Store. While the VLC application in the Windows store is a working media player, it is a completely different program -- although made and published by the same group; videolan -- from the usual VLC.

I personally recommend using the regular VLC over the Windows store version anyway.

What can I do if SMG is not picking up what's playing on VLC?

At the moment, there are no known major issues with the regular VLC player. If something seems wrong, always try: (1) updating VLC, (2) updating SMG, (3) deleting the SMG/config folder.

If after trying the basic troubleshooting steps SMG is still not picking up songs from VLC, contact support smg@smgmusicdisplay.com or message us on our Twitter.