Short description

2014, desperate times for musicians. With subscription-based music streaming services like Spotify, Pandora and Deezer dominating the market. Despite the huge popularity of these services, musicians were starving, they would work, work and work, but it was never enough.

But then came TIDAL. TIDAL was born to serve two purposes. First, to feed the hardworking yet starving musicians and second, to provide the listeners with the highest quality audio streaming possible.

And there we are. Remember, if you don't want your favorite musicians to starve, use TIDAL! Anyway, that's their premise, whether TIDAL's actually better for musicians, we can't say for sure.

Setting up SMG with TIDAL

TIDAL offers both a web-application as well as a desktop application. Unfortunately, we haven't found a way to support the desktop application yet, so if you're using TIDAL, you'll need to use their web-based music player.

All you need to do to is install the smg web plugin. Afterwards, just select "tidal web" in the SMG dropdown, and SMG will start picking up what TIDAL is playing.

What if SMG isn't picking up what TIDAL is playing?

There are currently no known issues with SMG and (web-based) TIDAL. If you're experiencing problems, contact support, and make sure to send a screenshot with your (1) your browser, (2) smg and (3) the smg plugin popup (click on the smg icon in the browser) visible.

You can contact support at smg@smgmusicdisplay.com, or on our Twitter