Short description

Pandora is a popular online music streaming service that specializes in personalized radio stations and music recommendations. Pandora is best at delivering an all-music (no annoying radio-hosts) radio experience tailored to your specific taste, starting with songs you know and like, and gradually introducing you to new music, learning more about your taste as you keep using it.

Setting up SMG with Pandora

As Pandora is a web-based music player, you will need to install our SMG web plugin to get started. Once the SMG web plugin has been installed; select "Pandora" in the SMG desktop application and SMG will automatically pick up what you're listening to.

What can I do if SMG is not picking up what Pandora is playing?

There are no known major issues with Pandora at the moment, if you're experiencing issues anyway, it's likely that SMG itself is misconfigured. First, check if SMG is connected to the SMG web plugin: click on the SMG icon in your browser, and look at the connection indicator, if it's not green, then SMG is not connected, if restarting SMG and your browser did not help, contact support at, or find us on our Twitter.