Short description

EightTracks is an internet radio site where the concept of user-curated playlists of at least 8 tracks (get the name now?...) is central.

SMG supports the 8Tracks site via the smg web plugin

Setting up SMG with 8Tracks

To set-up SMG with 8tracks, all you need to do is install the smg web plugin. Afterwards, start SMG and select "8tracks" and SMG will start picking up song info from 8tracks.

What can I do if it's not working?

There are currently no known major issues with 8tracks. If you're experiencing problems, click the smg button in your browser, and look at the "Connection status" button. If it's red despite SMG being open, contact support. Otherwise, if it's green, delete your SMG/config folder and restart SMG. If it doesn't fix your problem, contact support smg@smgmusicdisplay.com or on our Twitter